The following requirements must be met in order to claim the homestead exemption:

  • The taxpayer must both own and maintain the property as their personal residence as of January 1st and be 65 or older, anytime during that year, or totally disabled.
  • If claiming the disability exemption, the taxpayer must have been classified as totally disabled under a program authorized or administered by an agency of the United States Government, or any retirement system either within or outside the state of Kentucky on January 1st, for the year in which the application is made and maintain the disability classification through December 31st.
  • The taxpayer must be receiving disability payments pursuant to that disability classification.
  • The exemption reduces the assessment by a specific amount. Any property assessed for more than this specific amount would require the property owner pay tax on the difference.


The most common government agency under which a taxpayer can obtain a totally disabled classification is Social Security Disability. Other programs include, but are not limited to, the Veterans Administration and the Teacher’s Retirement System


How to Apply

When applying for the Age Exemption, an application must be completed and filed in the PVA office, along with documentation verifying age. Appropriate documentation might include birth certificates or driver’s licenses. When applying for the Disability Exemption, the same form must be filed with the PVA office. However, additional documentation verifying total disability, such as a Notice of Award letter showing the date of eligibility and when disability payments were started.

Please contact the PVA office for further details.